Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back for the first time.

i havent kept a blog in what feels like ages.
it feels so good to be back online, getting all of my thoughts out.
this is my first time using blogspot though.
i dont really know where to start...
this is my first full year living out here in south florida.
ive been back and forth between here, new jersey, and philadelphia for the past four years.
i'll be twewnty two december 14th.
i still havent decided what i want to do for my birthday...maybe go back to philadelphia for a visit?
i doubt anyone will read this...
it will take me awhile to get into the swing of things but once i do i promise it will be worth reading.
im currently working full time at a restaurant on the beach.
its so hard to complain when im there...
not with the beautiful ocean right next to me.
i party too much and too hard.
i made a vow that once i turn 22 ill calm down and finally get my life together.
im going back to college in january.
getting my degree in broadcasting journalism.
ive got a great family.
ive been blessed with the most amazing friends in the world.
most people say that but i really do mean it.
im a very honest person.
almost to a fault.
i like everyone until they give me a reason not to.
i live breathe and sweat music.
i listen to everything. from kanye west to maroon 5, to death cab to nine inch nails, to tegan and sara to metric.
its my life.
im currently not in a relationship.
thank God. lol.
im not one of those bitter individuals.
im just so focused on having fun right now.
i mean if i meet an amazing guy i wont pass up the oppurtunity, but i'm not going out looking for it.
i feel like i have tons of living to do before i can settle down.
well i could go on and on but i should start getting ready for work.

"and even though,
the last hello,
has left me on the floor,
i dont believe in romeos and heroes anymore..."

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