Friday, November 21, 2008


went out after work with Alex last night.
it was such a good time.
we try and get together at least one night a week.
we have a couple of drinks and catch up.
we met up with our friends bonnie and Leanne.
we ended up at Alex's new job.
its an Asian bistro on the water.
they just started having a DJ there on Thursday nights.
it was very low key and chill.
a much needed good time for all of us.
you cant beat that.
good drinks and good company...

recently I've been feeling like i can accomplish anything.
i feel like the opportunities are endless.
its such a good feeling.
to know im young and have my whole life ahead of me!
i love the fact that majority of the people closest to me are feeling the same way.
they are doing something with themselves and loving life.
it just inspires me and encourages me to do the same.
i want more out of life than ive been getting and im ready to do something about it!
the quote below inspires me everyday.
"You are where you are right now in your life because
of the choices you have made and the actions you have
taken. If you want to change your life,
remember that change starts with you."
- Jeffrey Keller
i went to small group this morning for the first time in two months.
im really glad i went.
the women there inspire me.
each in there own way.
i love heather.
shes such a role model and a really good mentor.
shes going to help me try and get involved with an organization that deals with women.
she was telling me how she used to travel and
meet with different womens groups and discuss different topics.
it made me so excited because thats what i want to do.
i want to get paid to meet people, talk, and get them thinking.
ive been so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life:)

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Gavin said...

sounds great! i need to get to this place, i need that inspiration and to move into a better life myself.